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A meaningful way to review the year end

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Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson stressed the importance of a life-review in order to gain what he called ego-integrity, the sense that your life has made sense, that there was a purpose. Well what better way to get started on that process than by reviewing each year at its end.

Here is a list of some prompts that I recommend to bring to your New Year's Eve parties or to include in your year end journal entries. This will help you make better sense of where you are today, where you've come from over the past year, and where you might be directed in the future.

1. This year I changed the most by ____________________

2. This year I had to make peace with the fact that _________________

3. This year will be remembered most as the year that ________________

4. This year I was most grateful for _____________ (person) and _____________ (thing)

5. This year my biggest win was _____________

6. This year I enjoyed ________________ the most.

7. This year the art/movie/book/music that most impacted me this year was _____________

8. This year I was most worried about _______________ and it ended up ______________

9. This year my biggest regret was _____________

10. This year I was most surprised by ____________

11. If I could go back to January 1st of the last year I would tell myself _______________

12. I wish I would have given up ______________ last year.

This ideas were altered from Daisy U.'s post on Living Intentionally found here at You should check it out as well.

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