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My Approach

Nothing in therapy is more important than the trust and connection between the therapist and the client. I pride myself on developing and deepening the therapeutic connection necessary to help people feel secure enough to do the difficult work of changing their lives for the better. Helping you feel safe in therapy is my first and top priority.

That being said, you are coming to me to change and you will need to be challenged and confronted at times. I want to help you become more resilient, more informed, more courageous, and more capable and this may require that I challenge you to come face to face with the qualities and thoughts that you normally keep hidden, perhaps even from yourself.

My greatest theoretical influences come from the humanistic therapies of Carl Rogers, Irv Yalom, and Victor Frankl. If you had to pin me to one school of thought it would be Existential Therapy which you can find more about here. But I have also trained in Emotion Focus Therapy (which guides my couples work) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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